Performance Management

Performance Management

Performance Management is a process which measures the implementation of the organisation’s strategy. It is also a management tool to plan, monitor, measure and review performance indicators to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and the impact of service delivery by the municipality.

Strategic Planning

We support our clients to develop and implement fully integrated strategies. Strategic Planning means fine-tuning, supplementing, or sometimes redesigning business approaches. This ensures greater effectiveness, agility and tighter linkages with business and financial plans. An integral part of strategic planning is the alignment of business processes and resources with the strategy of the organization ensuring that the required outcomes of the strategy will be achieved. Ignite has extensive experience in strategy development and implementation.

Integrated Development Plan (IDP)

The IDP is the principal strategic planning instrument which guides and informs all planning, budgeting, management and decision-making processes in a municipality. The Municipal Systems Act refers to the IDP, as a single, inclusive and strategic plan that guides and informs all decisions with regard to management and development of the municipality.

Integrated development planning is a process through which a municipality prepares a strategic development plan. It is an approach to planning that incorporates national and provincial strategies, service delivery responsibilities and involves the entire municipality and its citizens in finding the best solutions to achieve good long-term development and address the needs of the community.

Ignite Advisory Services
Ignite Advisory Services
Ignite Advisory Services

Service Delivery Budget Implementation Plan (SDBIP) / Annual Performance Plan

Organisational performance is the most important criterion in evaluating organisations, their actions, and environments. It comprises the actual output or results of an organization as measured against its intended outcomes and outputs (or goals and objectives).

Organisational performance is the first step to seamlessly integrate the IDP, the municipal budget and performance management and is measured through the SDBIP. The SDBIP, is an annual plan that convert the IDP and budget into measurable criteria on how, where and when the strategies, objectives and normal business processes of the municipality will be implemented during the next twelve months. It also allocates responsibility to directorates and sub-directorates to deliver the services in the IDP and budget.

Individual Performance

Performance management is an integral part of an effective human resource management and development strategy. It is an ongoing process, in which the employee and employer, together, strive constantly to improve the employee’s individual performance and his or her contribution to the organisation’s wider objectives. Since the performance of every employee contributes to the overall delivery of the organisation’s objectives, it follows that the performance of every employee should be managed.

Senior Managers Performance Agreements and Evaluations

The Municipal Manager and the Managers reporting directly to the Municipal Manager are required to enter into Annual Performance Agreements. Ignite assists municipalities with the compilation of Annual Performance Agreements for Senior Managers.

The Performance of the Municipal Manager and the Managers reporting directly to the Municipal Manager must be reviewed quarterly, of which the mid-year and year-end performance will be formal evaluations. Performance panels should be constituted in terms of the agreements for the formal evaluations and the results should be reported to Council.  Ignite can assist the municipality to facilitate formal evaluations of the Municipal Manager and the Managers reporting directly to the Municipal Manager.