Corporate Reporting

Corporate Reporting

An organization that performs well is one that successfully achieves its goals and effectively executes suitable strategies. Monitoring is the regular collection and analysis of information to track the implementation and measure the performance against expected results.

Quarterly Reports

The SDBIP is a key management, implementation and monitoring tool, which provides operational content to the end-of-year service delivery targets set in the budget and IDP. The purpose of the quarterly report is to monitor progress with budget projection and achievement of service delivery targets to enable sufficient time for corrective action.

Mid-year (Sec 72) Reports

Section 72 of the MFMA requires the accounting officer to prepare and submit a report on the performance of the municipality during the first half of the financial year. The report must be submitted to the Mayor, National Treasury as well as the relevant Provincial Treasury. As with all other reports this is a crucial report for the Council to consider mid-year performance and what adjustments should be made if necessary.

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Annual Performance Reports / Annual Reports

Annual Performance Report:

Section 46 of the Municipal Systems Act states that a municipality must prepare for each financial year, a performance report that reflects the following:

  • The performance of the municipality and of each external service provided during that financial year
  • A comparison of the performances referred to in the above paragraph with targets set for and performances in the previous financial year
  • Measures to be take to improve on the performance

The annual performance report must be completed, by the end of August and submitted with the financial statements. This report must be based on the performance reported in the SDBIP. Reports should be generated from the respective performance management system, reviewed and updated in the performance comments field for reporting purposes.

Annual Report:

In terms of Section 121 of the MFMA the Annual Performance Report should be included as chapters in the Annual Report that must be completed for each financial year and submitted to Council within 7 months after the end of the financial year.

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